Kid’s Corner: God Gives Adam and Eve a Choice to Stay Close to Him

Key Scriptures: Genesis 3

Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden. There’s one tree they aren’t allowed to eat from. But a serpent tempts Eve to eat fruit from that tree. Eve and Adam both chose to disobey God. Then they’re kicked out of the garden. God lets us choose between good and evil.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”

Genesis 1:1

Through the Week

Make a reminder that will help your family members all make good choices this week.

  • Use construction paper to make a traffic light. Hang it by your front door.
  • Also make red, yellow, and green circles, and set them on your table.
  • As your family leaves the house, the traffic light can give you a visual reminder of how to make choices. 
  • Whenever you have a choice to make, picture the traffic light. Then pray about whether it is a green light (God would say it’s good), a red light (God would say it’s bad), or a yellow light (you’re not sure what God would say).
  • Talk to each other about your yellow lights, and look in the Bible for answers. Also share about your red and green lights. As you share, hold up the matching colored circle from your table and share what happened.

Tell About a Good Choice You’ve Made.

Talk About Question

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