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Kid’s Corner: God Creates Adam and Eve

Key Scriptures: Genesis 1-2:24

In just six days, God made everything in the world. He made a perfect place to live, and then he made his most special creation—humans. God made us in His image to rule his creation. God created us for a reason. After he made everything, God rested.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” 

Genesis 1:1

Through the Week

Think of ways your family can worship God as you go through your week.

  • First, talk about worship. Worship is one way to relate to God, by doing things we know he likes or that help others see how awesome he is.
  • Look through your plans for tomorrow. What’s on everyone’s plate? Brainstorm together about how you can worship God as you do those things.
  • Write your ideas on a calendar or planner, or put them as reminders in your phones.
  • Pray about your plans.
  • Each day, come back together and report how you worshipped God that day. Then plan for the next day.
  • Talk about why worship is an important part of the reason God created us.

What’s special about the way God made you?

Talk About Question

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