When the Angels Go Away

When the Angels Go Away

From the Pastor’s Pen

One of the most charming stories of the Christmas season is Luke’s recording of the singing angels announcing the Savior’s birth.  On the night Christ was born, the heavens were filled with the music of the heavenly hosts.  For centuries, this story of the singing angels has added to the charm, magic and mystique of Christmas.

In this context, they symbolize charm and awe.  For a few magical moments, they allow us to experience the spiritual mysterious dimension of the supernatural.

Angel Ornament that represents Luke's recording of the singing angels announcing the Savior's birth.

Luke says: 

“And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven…”

LUKE 2:15

The angels come, but the angels don’t stay.  There comes a time when they leave us and go back to heaven.  In other words, the charm and mystical magical nature of life does not remain.  At a point in time we are left with raw reality.  What happens when the angels go away?

We must remember that they have left us a Savior.  The angels may go away, but the Savior is always with us.  We have to live life in the raw and it is not always a neat tidy experience.  The good news is, however, that it doesn’t matter how mean and nasty life gets for us, the Savior is with us and He will empower us to deal with our circumstance.

The charm of Christmas is that it is an announcement from heaven that God is with us!  That’s the wonder of life!  The angels come and go, but the Savior is always here!

“Just ask the Savior to help you

Comfort, strengthen and keep you

Jesus is willing to aid you

Jesus will carry you through”

Yours, because of Calvary

W. Marshall Myles, Senior Pastor

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